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With years of experience in providing campervan hire service in all area’s of Dublin City and County.

Handy Man in Dublin are registered providers who have been serving their customers for over 25 years across Dublin. We are widely regarded as one of the top provider, we have a reputation of being an honest, straight talking company in Dublin.We are known for our high quality campervan .

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Our clients have always been very happy with our campervan hire service in Dublin and we are confident that you will have the same experience. We are an Irish born campervan hire company and all our campervans are of our own. 

We are very flexible with your travel or tour plans and we offer custom solutions with our campervan hire service in Dublin for even ‘hours’ if not days. 

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What to Look for When Hiring a Campervan in Dublin

Are you looking for a company that will provide you with a campervan to have a great trip? Since hiring such vehicle is a big commitment, you have to consider a lot of things beforehand. This way, not only you can get a company offering different privileges but also great value for your money.

Package Inclusions

Look for campervan rental companies that include all the essentials into the rental package to make it easier for the clients. Here are the things that are usually part of rental:

  • Bedding: This may also include pillows, sheets, pillowcases, towels and sleeping bags.
  • Kitchen Equipment: You don’t need to bring your own pans and pots. Cutlery, crockery, and drinking glasses will also be included.
  • Camp Chairs and Table: Sometimes, these could be considered extra, so make sure you ask whether you can get them in package as well.
  • Child Seats (optional): This will best suit the one who is traveling with a child so this is basically considered an extra as well. If you have a child, make sure to mention their age and weight to see if they can offer it for free.

License Requirement

As long as you have a full and valid driver’s license, you can drive a campervan with no issues. However, in case of international drivers with non-English license, they will need to get an official translation of it or an international permit.

Depot Opening Hours

Usually a campervan hire will need you to collect and return the vehicle at a designated depot. This is a big advantage as you can get a better look at the unit as well as learn how to handle it appropriately. So, you will need to make sure to know about the Depot Opening Hours and check if the operator can work around your schedule. Albeit, majority of the depots are open during business hours but you will still need to ask beforehand.  

Campervan in Proper Working Condition

Prior to hiring a vehicle, you must check if all the parts are working properly. Also, do verify everything from its engine and breaks to its clutch pedal, oil filter, gear stick, fuel gauge, and speedometer. If any of them do not work properly, make sure to ask the service provider to provide another campervan.

Issues related service

A good rental company should not only ensure great campervan providing service but also problem solving service. They should guarantee that all of their vehicles have breakdown cover. They should also help you solve all the issues even if they occur while you are on the road. They should be enough responsive to be of help.


Make sure the vehicles come with valid insurance or else you may have to pay a big fat money for any kind of accidents and vehicle damage. Albeit many of them come insure for property damage and personal injuries, it will be wise to ask the provider to explain insurance coverage in detail for better knowledge.

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