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With years of experience in providing jet ski  rental service in all area’s of Dublin City and County.

Handy Man in Dublin are registered providers who have been serving their customers for over 25 years across Dublin. We are widely regarded as one of the top provider, we have a reputation of being an honest, straight talking company in Dublin.We are known for our high quality workmanship and using Irish driver.

We offer a variety of services, working on jobs of all sizes. Our team work primarily with domestic clients, however we also carry out commercial work when needed.

We know that emergencies can happen anytime, which is why we offer a 24/7 service. We travel all across Dublin. Our company is 100% Irish owned and we buy our materials from Irish suppliers.

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Jet Ski Rental Dublin

What to Look for When Hiring a Jet Ski Rental Service in Dublin

Jet Skiing is one of the most thrilling water sports you can experience on a very fine day. You will even find a lot of rental services that offer the adventure to make you enjoy every bit of it. But you cannot just randomly choose one since you may face certain issues that can ruin the moment. So to help you out, we have thought to highlight all the factors that you should consider before booking a service provider.

Professional Team:

One factor that helps determine all the other factors of any kind of service is the professionalism of the team. So, make sure that you go with a proficient one. If they are qualified and licensed, they will be enough reliable. Moreover, if the service providers are skilled instructors and riders, then you’re going to feel safe while hopping on a jet ski.

This is especially more important for first timers as more often they may fear such experiences. In such case, a professional team can help direct a beginner and give them confidence to enjoy the ride.

Best Equipment:

A professional team may not mean that their equipment will be impressive as well. So, you will also need to make sure whatever machines they use are of high quality. To ensure the safety of water sports, check if the engines are well running. Also make sure the capacity and power are sufficient enough to give you the best ride.

Ensure the jet ski comes equipped with the latest break and reverse technology. This way, you’ll be guaranteed a smooth and safe ride in any coast. There is another feature that can also help ease your experience and that is a back step. It comes attached to the jet ski so you can jump on it back from the water. So, ensure that as well.

Quality Service:

You can have the best experience if the service provider offers a great service throughout the ride. If skilled instructors lead the tour, it would help you a lot in avoiding danger.

Cost Transparency

The average cost for jet ski rentals is basically around  $70 to $100 for an hour and $300 to $400 for a full day. However, the price for such service usually varies from one provider to another. So, you will need to call beforehand to know the rates.

But that’s not the only thing you will need to know. There are many service providers that lure you with cheaper charge in ads but also have some extra cost that they hide. These hidden costs are:

  • Car parking fees
  • Cleaning fees
  • Pickup and drop-off fees
  • Taxes
  • Late arrival charges
  • Temporary safety boating card fees
  • Rental charge for wet suits, goggles, gloves
  • Extra charge for gas
  • Life jacket rental charge
  • Maintenance or service fee

So, try to be careful of providers with hidden cost. A reliable team will surely explain all the cost before you hire one. It will be wise if you go through the rental policy and FAQ pages prior to booking. Find out what the fees are for and counting on your budget, make a decision.

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