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solar panel maintenance Dublin

What to Look for When Hiring a Solar Panel Maintenance Service in Dublin

Solar panel comes with a lot of benefits starting from saving energy bills to saving our environment. That’s the reason why we think you have installed one right?

But installing a Solar Panel does not end your job completely, you will also need to think of maintaining it. Although solar panels do not require heavy maintenance to function, but they do need maintenance such as periodic light cleaning at least thrice a year. If you want to get a very thorough cleaning, then the best thing will be to hire a Solar Panel Maintenance Service.

Generally, the company you have approached for the installation work should have maintenance service included. But, if you want to look for other companies, you should definitely take a lot of factors into considerations.

Positive reviews

While looking for a Solar Panel Maintenance Service, make sure to take a look at the ratings and reviews of different companies. These will give you an idea about the quality of their services. Also, it will be great if you research organizations that are nationally recognized like Better Business Bureau. You can also find ratings on websites like Google that will be useful for your quest. Go with the one that will have majority of the positive reviews and high ratings.


Before giving your details to any contractor, do check if they are certified. Inspect their national certifications to know if they are enough skilled. Not just that, it will also be wise to compare experience and knowledge between the service providers. Such certification is a very essential factor as it shows that the contractor is serious about the work and that they have taken time and training to obtain such certificates.


The reliability of the service can be determined with ease if you take their experience into consideration. The experience of the service will speak a lot about their performance. Make sure to compare this to their reviews and track record. Also, ask their previous clients to know about their experience with the service provider. If you get positive reviews, you are good to go.

Free consultation:

There are many solar panel companies who provide free consultations and quotes. It will help you gather information so that you can compare offers and get the right solution.


You will also need to determine insurance coverage and requirements of the Solar Panel Maintenance Service. These include:

  • General liability for protection for property damage and bodily harm.
  • Professional liability covering paperwork liability issues regarding rebates and tax incentives promised.
  • Worker’s compensation allowing for wage and medical protection in case if any of the them gets injured on the job.
  • An equipment floater covering materials for damage due to fire, wind, water and more.

Many homeowners have damage done to their roofs because of hiring inexperienced contractors. Hence, you must look for the trained people with valid insurance.

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