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With years of experience in tree services in all area’s of Dublin City and County.

Handy Man in Dublin are registered gardener who have been serving their customers for over 25 years across Dublin. We are widely regarded as one of the top gardener, we have a reputation of being an honest, straight talking company in Dublin.We are known for our high quality workmanship and using Irish materials.

We offer a variety of services, working on jobs of all sizes. Our team work primarily with domestic clients, however we also carry out commercial work when needed.

We know that emergencies can happen anytime, which is why we offer a 24/7 service. We travel all across Dublin. Our company is 100% Irish owned and we buy our materials from Irish suppliers.

Please contact Handy Man in Dublin to discuss any service not listed above.

Tree Services in Dublin

Tree Services Dublin - What to Look for When Hiring a Tree Cutter

Tress amplify your yard`s beauty. But it`s important to monitor their growth, right? You can surely do that yourself but don’t you think hiring a tree service  in Dublin will give better result? Of course, you have to spend a bit for that but this is just for the sake of your trees health.

However, choosing a tree cutter is a little confusing thing. But there are some factors that you can make a note of. These will help you narrow down the list to perfect ones.

Credentials and license:

It is important to hire a company with credentials for tree cutting service since a tree cutter can cause huge damage to your property due to their inadequate experience. Check if the employee is properly trained or not. Make sure that the company is licensed for this service.


The company has to have insurance and should be able to take responsibility for their act. Otherwise the company won`t be liable for any damage to your property caused by their employee.


Online review can be a very easy way to evaluate the service provided by the company. However, if you are not satisfied enough, you can ask the company for personal references. You have all the right to crosscheck their claims. Ask the clients about the performance and quality of the job. If they give positive reviews, you will feel safe enough to hire one.


The company should take all the safety measures while doing their work. They should follow the law and properly wear all the safety gears to avoid any life threatening incidents.


Look into the employee`s background. They should receive all the necessary trainings for tree cutting service. Also they should have many years of experience with great services. Also check if the employee is a minor staff of an arborist. An arborist has to maintain their educational credits up-to-date, so they are likely to be better-trained and more knowledgeable than a normal staff.

Transparency in cost:

Ask your company to prepare a rough estimate of costs including the services that they are going to provide. In this way, you can save yourself from getting bombarded by hidden charges. If they disagree to provide a written estimate, then it`s a red signal and they are trying to scam you.

Available services:

Ask your company for a list of services that they provide. Sometimes it happens that you need a specific type of service which is not provided by the company. Then you have to hire a different company for that single service. Try to find a company that can take care all of your issues regarding tree care.

High quality equipment:

Make sure the tree cutter uses the latest equipment, tools and machines for the job. If not, they must use the ones of higher quality. Check what they basically use and see if they use sharp blades or not to determine the quality of their service.

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