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We get it. You are going out for a few days or for a few weeks and you need an honest and safe cat sitter in Dublin who will take care of your furry buddy while you are away. We have years of experience in matching you with the perfect cat sitters who will take care of your cat as their own while you are gone.

Finding someone who will truly care for your cat like you do in Dublin is a tough task and we get it. You will be anxious while you are away and to be honest, your cat probably wouldn’t enjoy the experience either. Cats are beautiful creatures but they don’t enjoy the company of another cat for the first few days, let alone a stranger from Dublin. But you have to go on your vacation or on that work trip and this is the best that’s possible for you to arrange (a pet sitting service is 100 times better than taking your cat to a cattery as your cat would have the familiar home experience in the cat sitting service which wouldn’t be the case on a day care).

Finding pet sitters is not a tough task but finding good pet sitters, who actually would take responsibility is hard work. That’s where we come into play. We work with a number of pet sitters in and near Dublin who are experienced in cat sitting, lives in Dublin and a lot of them have cats in their homes. When we arrange pet sitters we always try to make sure that they have pets of their own (dogs or cats) so they understand the love and care we feel for our pet.

With pet sitters over 10 years of experience and sitters who would truly care for your cats while you are away, we got you covered. Talk to us today and let’s schedule a time. Once you fill out the form, we will connect you with a few of our best pet sitters in Dublin to arrange quotes.

Cat Sitter Dublin

What to look for when hiring a cat sitter in Dublin

So you own a cat and you know that it needs nothing but your love and attention. But you also know that you cannot be there with it 24/7 since you have work to do. A cat can be alone at home fine for a day but if you are going away, it would be a wise move to get in contact with our pet sitters. A pet sitter would know exactly how to take care of your cat while you are gone to keep your cat happy and to keep you sane too.

Our recommended pet sitters are all 100% safe to work with. They have years of cat sitting experience in and near Dublin and they have been in the pet care industry for a while too. Still, it is always a good idea to know what to look for when you are trying to find a pet care service.

Recommendation Matters

Going a pet sitter service in Dublin like ours is always a safe bet as you wouldn’t need many recommendations to take that decision. This way, you will get someone capable as they have already impressed the others with their cat sitting expertise. You can also Google online and check a number of sitters’ profile with reviews and ratings to choose one. The ones who are positively reviewed and highly rated can be the ones meant for your cat. Make sure you also ask the clients to know their experience with the sitters. If they recommend, it means you can think of hiring one. Such factor can make you understand if the sitter will be the right one for your cat or not.

Insurance and certifications:

Professionals should be Pet CPR/Pet Sitting Certified. This can be a determining factor to understand their quality and you can be well assured that they will be reliable, well trained and background checked. Not all of our cat sitting experts have the insurance and certifications but that does not make them less experts. An insurance is an add on but we value them based on their past experience, if they own a pet of their own and a few other factors which makes them truly qualified for the pet sitting job in or near Dublin.


A good pet sitter should be enough experienced and knowledgeable regarding cats behavior. So, you will have to find one who has such traits especially concerning cats. They should also offer useful wellness and dietary advices so that you too can know what will be good for your cat. Not just that, they should also help your cat with brushing/grooming them at home, playing with them, leaving birdseeds out near a window so that the cat can enjoy watching birds at home to pass time if required. The job of a pet sitter is a lot complicated than what it may seem like on a naked eye. And of course, they should be based in or near Dublin (we don’t recruit carers who are from outside Dublin at this moment)

Moreover, they should also leave you detailed notes, emails or texts about the health of the cat so you can pet it with your love.

Emergency backup:

A professional cat sitter should have emergency backup in place so that your cat never gets neglected when there will be an emergency. They must have a first aid kit for animals in their car. They should have knowledge about Cardiopulmonary resuscitation as well. They should also be associated with a vet who can offer necessary emergency services.

Not only that, they should also be able to administer insulin shots and medications to ensure thorough care of the pet. Even they should know how to handle animals with special needs or certain health issues. With this, you can understand their reliability and quality of their service.

A Few Good Cat Sitting Questions to Ask yourself

How much should you pay a friend to cat sit?

We wouldn’t recommend hiring a friend for the job unless the friend also has a cat of their own. Friends are great to cuddle with your cat once or twice but when it is a regular job that involves cleaning litterbox, sending photos, feeding on a fixed time schedule and more, a friend wouldn’t be the best option. Especially as our Dublin based cat sitters are not that expensive to hire.

Do Cats really need a sitter?

That’s a great question. If you are going out for a day (under 24 hours), you might get away with not having a sitter for your cat. Cats really wouldn’t mind living alone for a day. However, if it is for more than 24 hours, you wouldn’t want to keep your cat alone at home. A sitter would come home not only to feed the cat but to do checks, clean litterbox, provide water, play and make sure that your cat is not stressed.

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