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What to Look for When Hiring a Newborn Photographer in Dublin

Newborn photography feels like an occasion, and you want yours to be unique and perfect one. But not all professional photographers will deliver you the same results. There are some things that you have to keep in mind while hiring a newborn photographer to get your desired results. So we thought why not talk about these factors to help you out?


Safety must be your first priority for the newborn photoshoot. Making your baby pose for the shoot is an essential thing that your photographer needs to do, but they need to know how to handle the baby safely. Otherwise, it can be harmful and dangerous for the baby. See what safety measures they take for babies during photoshoot.


Newborn photoshoot is a one-time opportunity. So you must hire an experienced photographer to capture these lifetime moments perfectly. An experienced photographer knows how to play with the lighting, space and lenses. They will use proper equipment too. But that`s not all. Every parent and baby is different. Only an experienced photographer will know how to deal with them in different situations.

Shooting style:

Every photographer has a different shooting style of their own. Some prefer neutral tones, and others work with bright shades. Check their portfolio to see if their style matches your taste. A photographer is not supposed to change their working style as per your preference. You need to find the photographer whose style would be ideal for you.


In “posed” photography, the photographers basically take charge for everything and it is usually done in a studio. They will help your baby pose, and tell you what to do in front of the camera. But “lifestyle” photography will take place at your own home. Here the photographer won`t suggest you anything. Rather, they will capture your natural moments with the baby. You have to select the category as per your comfort and preference.


Different photographers prefer different locations, such as park, beach, studio or client`s home. However, they should also give parents the right to choose the location as well. You can check if such offers are available only if you have specific location in mind.


Customers receive edited version of the photographs. See what kind of editorial techniques they use. Do the photos look natural or too much flashy? It will be better if you go through the final photos of past clients’ projects to understand their skill. The photographer who will have the best and most natural capture in edited version can be the perfect pick for you.


You need to know your photographer a little bit beforehand to know their personality. Getting a photoshoot done is a personal experience and you need to interact with the photographer. So you must feel comfortable around the person. See if the photographer is flexible, friendly and someone you would like to work with.


You need to hire your photographer according to your budget. It will be better if they include makeup, accessories and wardrobe fees in a package. Also do ask for every tiny detail about the pricing before hiring your photographer.

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